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Adding Support Resources

Support Resources streamline the process of associating necessary resources with equipment during the scheduling process. They’re organized into ‘Groups’ and can be assigned based on a Group Name and/or Rented Size.



 Open the equipment form for a piece of equipment from the equipment list.

  1. Click the Support Resource tab

  2. Click the New button in the Groups section

  3. If you want the group to be associated with a size, select the size first, but this is optional

  4. Change the group name if desired

  5. If the new group is not highlighted, click on it

  6. Click the New button in the Support Resources section

  7. Fill in the fields for the support resource

  8. The “Multiplier” is for the number of resources that will be created when this support group is selected during the scheduling process. For example, if the equipment requires 3 riggers for the specific group, fill in the title with ‘Rigger’ and set the multiplier to 3. When this group is selected, 3 support resources will be created with the title ‘Rigger”.

  9. Click OK to save your changes


 Draw a bar on the Equipment Chart for a piece of equipment that has support resource groups.

  1. Double-click the bar to open the rental form

  2. The Add Support form will pop up the first time the rental form is opened allowing you to select a support group along with extra resource if desired. Or you can just select extra resources without selecting a group.If you don’t want to add support, click the Cancel button.
    Note: The Add Support form will only pop up the first time the rental form is open after creating a new rental by drawing a bar on the equipment chart. 

  3. After selecting a support group, you can leave all the resources selected within the group or you can click the Select Support drop down arrow to unselect specific resources from the group

  4. Click OK to add the selected support 

  5. Select a customer and then click the Resource Chart tab to see the support resource that have been added.

Note: Currently, this process only occurs when a bar is drawn on the equipment chart. If a rental is added to the Day View Spreadsheet using the New button, you’ll need to right click on the resource within the rental on the Resource Chart tab and select the Add Support menu item.