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Approve Timecards

Approving Timecard Entries 

(Web: Select “Payroll>Approve/Post Timecards”)

 Timecards are approved on the Web version of the program, allowing approvers to review and approve from any device, in any location. 

  1. The Timecards are displayed by the Paygroup type. You can select multiple groups at one time if required by utilizing the drop down menu & selecting the required groups. 
  2. Apply Filters – if required. (Note: The system will display the last viewed settings when you return to this page) 
    • Ready – Timecards marked ready by the Employee. 
    • In Progress – Timecards that have been started but not yet marked ‘Ready’ by employee
    • Not Approved – Ready & In Progress timecards
    • Approved – Timecards that have been approved
    • Not Posted – Timecards that are Inprogress, Ready, Approved
    • Posted – Timecards that have been posted
    • Flagged – Timecards that require further information before they can be approved
    • Has Notes – Displays only timecards that have Notes 
    • Highlighted Conflicts (All) ) – Timecards that have missing paycode, overlapping time or missing time.
    • Missing Paycodes – Displays only timecards that have paycodes missing
    • Missing Times – Displays transactions that have unaccounted time. 
    • Overlaps – Depending on settings, Overlaps can be allowed to occur & will display here or overlaps can be automatically adjusted.
  3. Select to display by Day or Period. The period is set by the options selected when setting up the Paygroup.
  4. Select employees by ticking the checkbox or ‘Select All’ button then click the Show Selected button. Results are then displayed in Date order, oldest to newest, then by alphabetical order of the employee surname, then into time order. If multiple dates are displayed, they can be expanded or collapsed using the + / – key beside the date. 
  5. The Approver will  need to tick the checkbox in the Approved column  of every line. If they wish to see further detail of the line item they can select the Edit/Pencil button to open the timecard. Changes can only be made to the Paycodes, Notes & Equip # fields. To edit Start, Finish or Break times, this must be done on the E-Ticket. If setup, the employee will be notified via SMS and/or Email that the Timecard has been changed. 
  6. If the approver has queries on the Timecard, they can ‘Flag’ the line on the Approve Timecards screen by selecting the Flag checkmark, which will turn the line to a Red color and prevent it from being Approved. If setup, the employee will be notified via SMS and/or Email that the Timecard has been Flagged by the approver. The employee can not remove the flag, only the approver can do this.
  7. Once all lines are ‘Approved’, go back to the Approve Timecards screen. From here the approved lines can be exported or posted. 


Permissions Required : 

In order for a user to approve timecards, the “Payroll entry processing: Approved” permission must be set. This setting is located on the General tab of the Permission Preset form (“Tools>Permission Preset”). The word “Approved” in the permission setting may be different depending on the “PayrollEntry.State3” caption. The caption settings are located on the Caption tab of the Application Options form (“Tools>Options>Application…”)

Color Key for Approving Timesheets