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Creating a Filter

Filters are used throughout the program to refine the information available in that particular view. 

Filters are available on the Day View Spreadsheet, Equipment Chart, Employee Chart, Employee List and Equipment List. 

To create a filter, click on the drop down menu, it is usually set to Default. Scroll up to ‘–Customise–‘ and click. This will open a new window, from which you can create your own custom filter.  Depending on where in the program you are applying the filter, will determine on what you can filter.  

To use the filters, drop down the menu beside the parameter you wish to filter. To choose one or multiple options, click on the menu option ‘Select’, the items will then have checkmarks available. Select what you want to be displayed & click ‘Apply’. Once you are happy with what you’ve created, save the filter by clicking on ‘Save as’.  Use a descriptive name and ‘Ok’. Next time you require this filter, it will be available in drop down menu.