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Creating a User

To be able to use the Web/online based modules of Visual Dispatch (E-tickets, Payroll, Quoting) you must have a User Logon. 

To set up a user: 

  • In the Desktop App, create an Employee by clicking on the Employee button from the main menu or List > Employee list. 
  • Click on the New Button, add an employee Name & complete the required fields based on your workplace business rules. 
  • Click on the User Login tab, assign a Username and Password as the minimum requirements. Follow your workplace business rules on the remaining fields.
  • Assign a Permission Preset by clicking on the blue hyperlink ‘User Permissions’. Once list opens, click on New. Using the drop down menus, select the relevant Branch and permission level. 
  • Click on the ‘Ok’ button to save Permissions and ‘Ok’ to save and exit the Employee card. 
NOTE: You must have Permissions to be able to Create a User/Employee.

TIP: User Permissions can also be assigned from Tools Menu > User Permissions. Remember to select the User first as it will default to the user logged in.