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Equipment List Order

The order of the equipment listed on the Equipment Chart and the default sort order of the Day View Spreadsheet, is set by the ‘User Order’ of the Equipment list. 

To change the User Order of the Equipment list :

  • Open the Equipment List in the desktop application and ensure that only the ‘Active’ checkmark is selected.
  • Check the ‘Adjust user order’ checkmark. When this checkmark is selected, the equipment list will be displayed in the current user order. We recommend displaying the equipment from all branches when setting the user order. 
  • Select a single line or multiple rows as described below.
  • Scroll to the row you would like the equipment to be moved to.
  • Right click on the row and select ‘Paste’ or CTRL+V. The equipment that was cut will always go above the line you selected.

 To move a single Equipment line  

    • Select the piece of equipment you want to move by clicking on its row so it becomes highlighted. 
    • Once highlighted, right click on the highlighted row and select ‘Cut’ or CTRL+X

 To move multiple Equipment lines  

    • Consecutive rows can be selected by clicking the first row, holding the Shift key & then clicking on the last row. All rows in between the first and the last rows selected will now be highlighted. 
    • Non-consecutive, individual rows can be selected by holding the Ctrl key and clicking on various rows.
Changes are only saved and updated on the Equipment Chart and the default sort order of the Day View Spreadsheet once you have exited the Equipment list and saved changes when prompted. If you do not save the changes, the user order will return to it’s previous order.


Tip: If you have ‘cut’ a line and then do not wish to change its position you can ‘Undo’ the cut by right clicking and selecting ‘Undo’ or CTRL+Z. Once the line is pasted you can not undo the paste. The Undo function will only undo the cut.


If a line or lines of equipment are ‘Cut’ but not pasted, they will not be lost or deleted. They will return to their position before they were cut, when exiting the Equipment list without saving, or by undoing the cut.


Note: It is recommended that a user with permissions to all branches within the database sets or adjusts the equipment list order for all branches at the same time.