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eTicket Groups

eTickets have the functionality to group resources into a group/s. This allows resources in the same rental to appear on separate PDF eTickets/docket.

To use eTicket groups, the option ‘use eTicket groups’ must be enabled.

There are two ways to assign eTicket groups:

  • From Desktop App:
    • Right-click on a resource in Day View, Equipment Chart, or Employee chart.
    • Under E-Ticket menu, choose a group.
    • Groups are set one resource at a time on the Equipment, Employee & Resource Chart. Multiple resources can be set together using the Day View Spreadsheet. 
  • From eTicket App :
    • In the eTicket App’s Resource Grid, check the ‘Edit Groups’ checkmark
    • Edit the group for each row and save.
    • It is recommended before eTicket creation; modifying groups after creation requires a new ticket.

For multi-day jobs, the eTicket group can carry forward until the rental ends if ‘Copy eTicket Group Forward’ option is enabled.