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E-Ticket Timecard

When you are on a job and you have created a ticket and all times have been captured for the start of the job, before you collect ending signatures for yourself and the customer, you have the option to require the times be marked complete on the ticket before end signatures can be captured.

This option can be selected from the “Resource” tab.

Once the Complete & Save button/s are pressed on the E-Ticket, this will automatically generate a Timecard for the employee using the times that were entered on the E-Ticket. If Depart & Return times are entered, these will become the Start & Finish times on the Timecard.

The employee will see the Timecard if they select Payroll > Timecard (Daily) or Timecard (Pay Period).

All E-Ticket Timecards will appear white.They must be opened by double clicking/tapping on the line. The employee will then review the breakdown of hours (Regular, Overtime, Double time). The total hours will be displayed less any lunch breaks in the Regular field. If Overtime is applicable, the employee will be required to enter the hours into the OT or DT fields and this will automatically reduce the total in the Regular field.

The Ready for Approval box must be checked, so that timecard can be reviewed by the approver.

  • Date

    This field will automatically pull through from the E-Ticket and cannot be changed.

  • Times

    Only Depart or Start & Return or Finish times propagate from the E-ticket. If changes are made on the Timecard, they do not flow back to the e-ticket or desktop app.

    • Start: This will be the Start time from the E-Ticket or if a Depart time is entered, this will become the start time.
    • Out: This field is to enter the time a break commenced
    • In: Enter the time returned from break
    • Finish: This will be the finish time from the E-Ticket or if a Return time is entered, this will become the finish time.

    NOTE: If Lunchbreak is entered on the e-ticket, then the Lunch field will have the amount of time already taken and cannot be changed. The Out & In fields are simply to record when the the break was taken but will not change the overall time of the Timecard.

  • Total Hours Fields


    This field calculates the Total hours, less any breaks entered. This field can not be changed or amended.

    OT & DT

    These fields record Overtime & Double time. The total hours must be entered by the employee. As the OT or DT hours are entered, it will reduce the total number of hours in the Regular time field.

  • Paycode Fields

    These fields should already be completed if Paycodes are setup. Depending on the permissions setup, the employee may not be able to amend these fields by using the drop downs.

  • Notes

    Enter additional information that the reviewer would need to approve this time card. This is separate from the E-Ticket Notes. E-ticket notes do not come through to the timecard. Any notes entered will only be visible to internal staff, customers will not receive these notes.

  • Rental # 

    The rental number will automatically pull through from the E-Ticket. It cannot be changed.

  • Equipment

    This will automatically pull through from the E-Ticket.

  • Ready for Approval

    Once this box is checked, this will allow the reviewer to see and approve timecard.