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Manual Timecard

Web : Select “Payroll > New Timecard”


A manual timecard is used when an employee completes work that is not part of a rental, therefore an E-Ticket timecard won’t generate. Manual timecards can also be used for when time has been missed between jobs.


To create a Manual Timecard, Select the Payroll tab, then New Timecard. 


A Manual Timecard can be created by a Supervisor/Manager on behalf of an employee. From the Approve Employee Timecards screen (Web : Select “Payroll > Approve/Post Timecards>Show Selected) Click the blue + New key, this will create a new Timecard. Select the relevant date & the relevant employee, then proceed with timefields & paycodes ensuring that Ready for Approval is checked.  


  • Date

    This field will automatically default to todays date. Use calendar button on right of field to change date.

  • Times

    Use clock button on right of fields to edit time or manually type in time in 24hr format.

    Start :  The time you commenced working

    Out : Enter the time a break commenced.

    In: Enter the time returned from break.

    Finish : The time you finished working.

  • Total Hours Fields

    This field calculates the Total hours, less any breaks entered. This field can not be changed or amended. 

    OT & DT

    These fields record Overtime & Double time. The total hours must be entered by the employee. As the OT or DT hours are entered, it will reduce the total number of hours in the Regular time field.

  • Paycode Fields

    These fields should already be completed if Paycodes are setup. Depending on the permissions setup, the employee may not be able to amend these fields by using the drop downs.

  • Notes

    Enter additional information that the reviewer would need to approve this time card.

  • Rental #

    A rental number can be typed in but this is not a required field.

  • Equipment

    A piece of equipment can be selected from the drop down box if employee wanted to relate hours worked to a specific piece of equipment.

  • Ready for Approval

    Once this box is checked, this will allow reviewer to see and approve timecard. The Timecard can be saved without the Ready for Approval box checked, however it will only be visible to the employee, the approver will not see the timecard.